Information about cookies

1 – What are cookies, and how do they work?

Cookies are small text files originating from websites that you visit. These files are embedded into your computer, recording information that is made available, upon your next visit, to the website itself or to the entity that originally created the cookie. Cookies are designed to facilitate your subsequent visits and to optimise your fruition of the website. Some cookies are necessary for the correct operation of the website; others enable safe storage of certain data for the visitors’ sake.
Cookies save website users a lot of unnecessary frustration.
2 – Why does Schatzitaly use cookies?

Schatzitaly uses cookies to perform computer authentications, monitor sessions, and memorize specific information regarding server access on the part of users; a large number of these cookies are normally stored in users’ browsers.
3 – Types of cookies

When browsing our website you can generate various types of cookies:

3.1 – Essential (technical) cookies

These are essential to navigate the website and to use some of its functionalities, such as “set cookie”, “fill in form” and so on. By continuing to use this website and its functionalities, you authorize us (and our partners) to embed this type of cookie into your navigation device.

3.2 – Cookies for performances and analysis

These cookies anonymously collect information about how the website and its features are used. In this website we use Google Analytics in order to understand how our visitors interact with the content of our webpages. With a cookie set it is possible to gather information and make statistics on the website use without Google been able to identify any website user. The data help us to continually improve our website.

3.3 – Cookies for social networks

In order to favour a more open, connected community, we have embedded into our website some social networks requiring plugins. Privacy policies vary from network to network, depending on each network’s relevant policy settings.

3.4 – Third-party cookies

This website uses Google Maps cookies. Google Maps delivers interactive maps enabling developers of editorial content to embed interactive custom maps into their website pages. Consequently, Google may store in your computer a cookie called “NID” (lasting six months), and a cookie called “PREF” (lasting two years).


4 – Enabling and disabling cookies

When visiting our websites you may accept or reject cookies through your browser settings: these enable you to reject certain cookies, or to visualize a notice before accepting any.
You can also eliminate all cookies installed on your pc. As each browser has different setting-management procedures, we recommend that you consult the guidelines in your browser’s menu.

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5 – Privacy Policy Statement

For information regarding possible uses of personal data collected by this website, please refer to our Privacy Policy Statement.