Navarini Rame

Ravina (TN)

Navarini S.a.s is an extraordinary ‘’ copper workshop’’, where modern age and tradition have sealed a pact of mutual respect, becoming the balance of the productive philosophy devoted to the quality of the product. Pioneer of this renowned Artisan Workshop is Pierino Navarini, in his small Ravina’s studio already in 1958 he made pudding mould, flowers pots, spoons and buckets.

Fulfilling many personalized requests and tailored embossed and chiseled pieces as: plates, trays and vases. Pierino enthusiasm spread out into his  entire family, captivating first his children moving onto the latest generations. Time changes, the demand for new products arise: Navarini seeing the request for the bespoke italian cooks, begin a new specialized path of pots and pans production. In a few years table decor has became the crown jewel of his production. 

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