S. Massenza (TN)

Located in the heart of Lake’s Valley, in between Trento and Lake Garda, Santa Massenza is a unique area. In this small hamlet where generations have passed on winemaking and distillation  traditions, you can find Francesco and Alessandro Poli’s Farm and Distillery.

For five generations now traditions have been handed down enriched by environmentally friendly innovations, since 1998 the vineyards are organic nurtured by biodynamic techniques.

Quintessential variety is Nosiola, the only historical native white grape in Trentino, from which you can get the exquisite Vino Santo Trentino DOC.  Alongside they grow lots of other traditional types of white and red grapes as expected in the local cultivation.

Right after the harvest the best pomace are distilled, slowly, bain marie as the classic method dictates,to obtain excellence in its grappe and distills.

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