Wine tours: a gorgeous option to be transported to the heart of your holiday destination.

Whether you choose to spend your holiday in California, Italy, France or any other wine region, wine tasting tours are a tasteful way to make your journey unforgettable.

For many famous tourist destinations all over the world food is not the only ingredient for a genuine travel experience. Besides food travel, wine tours are also a great chance to discover a lot at once: local traditions and history, beautiful landscapes, typical lifestyles and real people, only to mention some.

One of the most frequent destinations for wine tourism is California, and in particular the areas of Napa Valley and Temecula Valley. Almost 4.5 million people book a wine tour in the  Napa Valley wineries each year, making the area a very popular destination for wine lovers. Also the Temecula Valley is a famous wine tourism destination, which however is mainly visited on weekends: as a matter of fact, many of the wineries are on vast areas and offer modern wine tasting tours conceived to service scores of people at once.

As to Europe, wine lovers from all over the world consider Bordeaux a top destination for wine tasting tours. With a total vineyard area of over 120,000 hectares, Bordeaux is the largest winemaking area in France. Bordeaux wines inspired one of the most famous Tuscany wines, the Sassicaia, which, together with other well-known wines like Chianti Classicos, contributed to make Tuscany one of the most famous winemaking and wine-tourism destinations in Italy. Tuscany wine tours delight every year thousands of wine enthusiasts, who often decide to spend their stay in Tuscany in the so called “agriturismi”, where they can also enjoy local food and traditions.

Italian wines in general are worldwide known for their broad variety. Alongside the most famous wine regions, there are many other less-known winemaking areas producing indigenous wines reflecting the local traditions, the territory, the people.

With Schatzitaly, you will have the chance to explore amazing wine regions such as Veneto and Trentino; our wine tasting tours cover not only the most famous wine areas of these regions, like the Valpolicella or Trento, but also the hidden corners of minor areas such as the Val di Cembra, Gambellara or Breganze.

If you are you planning a trip to Venice, a weekend in Verona, a visit to Vicenza or a stay at Lake Garda, why don’t you consider the idea of booking one of our first-rate tailor made wine tours guided by our wine experts? Curious? Contact us: we will be glad to describe you all the options we offer to make your journey to Italy even more exciting!


With Schatzitaly you can discover the most fascinating shores of Garda Lake and the hidden gems of Trentino and Veneto through their Food and Wine artisan productions.